Nuri Kino

The plight of the Iraqi Christians

Amidst the war torn Iraq, in a place where it may be easier to die than to live, overshadowed and virtually ignored, the world is witnessing with horror, yet in utter silence, the systematic religious and ethnic persecution and cleansing of the indigenous Christian Assyrian, also called Chaldean, Syriac population.

Church bombings, kidnappings, beheadings, crucifixion of children, rape, and forced taxation for being non-Muslims have forced hundreds of thousands of Christian Assyrians to abandon their ancestral land and flee to the neighboring countries of Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon for safety. Today, such unprecedented degree of hate and destructiveness has brought upon the eviction and uprooting of the last condensed pocket of Aramaic speaking people in the world.

The sectarian violence in Iraq is no longer limited between the Shia and the Sunni, for now the defenseless Iraqi Christian population, which numbered over a million at the beginning of the war, has been identified as the new „target“ by the extremists and the insurgents.

In April 2007, Nuri Kino, the top award winning investigative reporter and film maker from Sweden spent six grueling days in Amman, Jordan recording and witnessing the dreadful plight of the Iraqi Christians. „By God – Six Days in Amman“ is a grim and sobering report that will surely shed a new light on the truth and reality of what is taking place to the less known and less spoken victims of the war in Iraq, the Christians.

For additional information or to contact Nuri Kino for interviews, speeches, and television appearances, please contact:

Ms. Jackie Bejan
Chaldean, Assyrian, Syriac Council of America
+1 408 482 1949

Ms. Shamiran Mako
Council for Assyrian research and development
+1 905 501 7122

Mr. Nineb Lamasu
Firdoil Institute
+44 796 922 46 42

Mr. Afram Barryakoub
Assyria Culture Center
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Mr. Nuri Ayaz
Mor Afrem Stiftung
+49 173 566 3657

Ms. Attiya Tunc
St. Assyria Netherlands
+31 651 186 827

Ms. Ilona Adamov
Assyrian National Congress of Georgia
+00995 77 76 34 21

Mr. Nur Akbulut
Assyrian Liberation Party Furkono
+61 296 6108280
+61 297 2799303


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