Irak bald christenfrei

Weltweite Solidarität mit verbliebenen Assyrern im Irak

Dem internationalen Aufruf in 12 Ländern von der Initiativgruppe „A Demand for Action“ für Samstag den 02.08.2014 unter der Leitung des schwedischen Journalisten Nuri Kino folgte auch die Arbeitsgruppe Save Our Souls –, die bundesweit 14 Standorte mit Kundgebungen und Informationsveranstaltungen an diesem Tag organsierte. Weiterlesen


Five Assyrians Fleeing Syria Drown Off the Coast of Greece

The caskets of the five Assyrians who drowned off the coast of Greece, attempting to flee Syria (photo:
(AINA) — On Thursday, March 21 a newsflash arrived: Seven migrants, including two children, lost their lives on Tuesday when their boat capsized in the Aegean Sea, according to Greek maritime officials. Another two persons are missing after the accident which took place outside the island Lesbos. Weiterlesen

Neue Hoffnung mit der Ninive-Ebene

Wird eine Provinz für Assyrer ihren Exodus aus dem Irak stoppen?

(AINA) – Am 21. Januar stimmte der irakische Ministerrat einen Plan zu, der die Errichtung von drei neuen Provinzen im Irak vorsieht. Eine Provinz wird im zentralirakischen Fallujah, eine im nordirakischen Tuz Khormato und eine dritte ebenfalls in der im Norden des Landes gelegenen Ninive-Ebene, die an der Grenze zur autonomen Region der Kurden liegt. Die Ninive-Ebene hat die größte Anzahl an Assyrern (auch bekannt als Syrer und Chaldäer) im Irak. Weiterlesen


Syrian Assyrian Refugee in Turkey: ‚I’m Going to Snitch to God‘

By Nuri Kino – Istanbul (AINA) — I have been put in charge of the children so that they won’t hurt themselves with knives. Not being able to keep still, they run around the kitchen, happy to be at a party with children their own age. They live in cramped apartments, paid for by benefactors in Sweden and Turkey. I show them some children’s apps that I have downloaded to my phone, this catches their attention. Weiterlesen

Meeting under the umbrella of MECHRIC in Brussels

Conference on the Persecution of Assyrians and Other Christians in the Middle East

Brussels (AINA) — Concerned Christian organizations from the Middle East met in Brussels today under the umbrella of the Middle East Christian Committee (MECHRIC) to demand action on the brutal and merciless ethno-religious cleansing against Assyrians, Copts and other Christians taking place in the greater Middle East. Weiterlesen


Leaving Home: Muslim Rebels Drive Christians Out of Syria

A couple of days after she fled Syria for Turkey, a colleague sent me a message. „Dear Nuri, this is a court that the extremists established in my city, Lattakia, in the (Syrian) village of Kansabba. This Islamic court issues the law according to the extremists‘ religion. It started today. They are forcing everyone to adopt their fundamentalist Islamic laws. See the picture.“ Weiterlesen

Mor Gabriel

The Assyrian Monastery and Its Muslim Neighbors

(AINA) — She opened the door quietly and looked at us. Her eyes caught Linda Asmar, the only woman among the crowd and stepped in the room cautiously. Adult men suddenly began to raise their voices, shouting and interrupting eachother. The girl’s face flushed red for a moment and leaned against the wall. When the men became calmer, she approached Linda and smiled at me. Her almond shaped blue eyes were so sweet. I was about to ask her name when the crowd got mad once again. Weiterlesen

Assyrian journalist wins two years in a row

Nuri Kino secures his position as one of Europes most important investigative journalists.

The Swedish Queen and Nuri Kino are two of those chosen as winners of the Blatte De Luxe award. The award is given to individuls who has done something extra ordinary for the rest of society. Kino is the only person to win the prize ”Role model of the year” two years in a row. The swedish people and the jury saw no other journalist worthy of the award. Weiterlesen