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The Ziyaret Tepe Archeological Project

The site of Ziyaret Tepe is an ancient Assyrian provincial capital on the river Tigris in southeastern Turkey, 60 km east of Diyarbakir. As an archaeological site it is of exceptional importance, as it is a provincial capital of the Assyrian empire. Since 1997, an international team has been exploring the ancient site of Ziyaret Tepe and is led by Prof. Timothy Matney of the University of Akron, Ohio (Project Director) and in collaboration Professor McGinnis of University of Cambridge and Field Director of the British Expedition to Ziyaret Tepe.

The location of the site on the Tigris River means that it is now threatened with destruction by the floodwaters of the Ilisu Dam. The team is working hard to save as much of this heritage before it disappears in the next few years.

Please consider a donation to the project to help save this ancient Assyrian capital.

The work of the Cambridge University team is coordinated by the Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Trust, a registered charity (No.1133366). The Big Give, the week December 5th-9th, The Big Give, will double all donations made online via their website to the Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Trust.

For more information on this project and how to support it, please visit the following the links:


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