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The Ziyaret Tepe Archeological Project

The site of Ziyaret Tepe is an ancient Assyrian provincial capital on the river Tigris in southeastern Turkey, 60 km east of Diyarbakir. As an archaeological site it is of exceptional importance, as it is a provincial capital of the Assyrian empire. Since 1997, an international team has been exploring the ancient site of Ziyaret Tepe and is led by Prof. Timothy Matney of the University of Akron, Ohio (Project Director) and in collaboration Professor McGinnis of University of Cambridge and Field Director of the British Expedition to Ziyaret Tepe. Weiterlesen

Don't put the beer on your tab

Archaeologists Decode 5,000-Year-Old Bar Tab

A trove of newly translated texts from the ancient Middle East are revealing accounts of war, the building of pyramidlike structures called ziggurats and even the people’s use of beer tabs at local taverns. The 107 cuneiform texts, most of them previously unpublished, are from the collection of Martin Schøyen, a businessman from Norway who has a collection of antiquities. Weiterlesen