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The Ziyaret Tepe Archeological Project

The site of Ziyaret Tepe is an ancient Assyrian provincial capital on the river Tigris in southeastern Turkey, 60 km east of Diyarbakir. As an archaeological site it is of exceptional importance, as it is a provincial capital of the Assyrian empire. Since 1997, an international team has been exploring the ancient site of Ziyaret Tepe and is led by Prof. Timothy Matney of the University of Akron, Ohio (Project Director) and in collaboration Professor McGinnis of University of Cambridge and Field Director of the British Expedition to Ziyaret Tepe. Weiterlesen

Assyrian History in Tur Abdin

Assyrian Bishop Visits Neo-Assyrian Site in Turkey

Diyarbakir, Turkey (AINA) — The 4th of August 2009 was not an ordinary day for the archaeological team working at Ziyaret Tepe nor for his grace bishop Saliba Ozman, the Assyrian bishop of Mardin. The team of excavators had just unearthed a small tablet when they learned that the secretary of Bishop Ozman had called and expressed his wish of visiting the historical site of Ziyaret Tepe. This site corresponds to the ancient Assyrian city of Tushan and is now manifest as a high mound surrounded by a lower town. Tushan served as an imperial provincial capital in the Neo-Assyrian period. Weiterlesen