100 Years of Assyrian Genocides

By Abdulmesih BarAbraham (AINA) — An article titled The Year of the Sword – The Assyro-Chaldean Genocide under the Ottoman Empire (1915-1918) appeared in the history section of the March-April issue (no. 103) of the French magazine Diplomatie affaires stratégiques et relations internationales. The article was authored by Joseph Yacoub, honorary professor in political science at the Catholic University of Lyon. Weiterlesen


Assyrian Groups to Boycott EU Conference on Future of Nineveh Plains

Brussels (AINA) — Three Assyrian political parties and the Chaldean Church in Iraq have announced their boycott of a conference to be held in the EU Parliament in Brussels. The conference, titled A Future for Christians for Iraq and organized by EU parliamentarian Lars Adaktusson from the Swedish Christian Democratic Party, has been touted by Adaktusson as a decisive event for the survival of Assyrians in the war torn country. Weiterlesen


Enuma Elish – A modern creation myth for courage and renewal

“When in the height heaven was not named; and the earth beneath did not yet bear a name…” [Akkadian: E-nu-ma e-liš la na-bu-ú šá-ma-mu, šap-liš am-ma-tum šu-ma la zak-rat…] With these words the first of seven tablets of Enuma Elish begins, the Assyrian-Babylonian Epos of Creation composed in Akkadian cuneiform script most likely during the Bronze age, to the time of King Hammurabi (1810 – 1750 BC). Weiterlesen

Assyrian Genocide

Assyrian Genocide Monument Erected in Athens

Athens, Greece (AINA) — An Assyrian genocide monument was erected yesterday in Athens, Greece, where 8,000 Assyrians live. The monument is a memorial for the Assyrian victims of the Turkish genocide of Christians in World War One, which claimed 750,000 Assyrians (75%), 1.5 million Armenians and 500,000 Pontic Greeks. Weiterlesen


Five Assyrians Fleeing Syria Drown Off the Coast of Greece

The caskets of the five Assyrians who drowned off the coast of Greece, attempting to flee Syria (photo:
(AINA) — On Thursday, March 21 a newsflash arrived: Seven migrants, including two children, lost their lives on Tuesday when their boat capsized in the Aegean Sea, according to Greek maritime officials. Another two persons are missing after the accident which took place outside the island Lesbos. Weiterlesen