Small Assyrian Group in Syria Splinters From Militia

Syria (AINA) -- The Assyrian group known as Dawronoye (Revolutionaries) and their branch in Syria, which goes under the name of Syriac Union Party, stand accused of name-stealing.

The issue was revealed by the head of Citizens Peace, an umbrella organization for all Assyrian groups and churches in the city of Qamishli in Syria, during an interview with Assyria TV.

Marwan Shokro, head of Citizens Peace, revealed that the Dowronoye group recently left the local Assyrian militia known as Sutoro, which is tasked with protecting the Assyrian parts of the town, only to establish their own force under the name Sutoro.

„The people couldn’t make any sense of their action,“ said Mr. Shokro, „and we are still asking why they want to use the name Sutoro if they have left the organization.“

Assyrian analysts in Europe believe the Dawronoye group are trying to take advantage of the good reputation the real Sutoro organization has earned in order to attract donations from Assyrian communities in Europe and elsewhere. It is believed the group has been successful in tricking many Assyrians to donate money in the belief that they are helping the actual Sutoro organization.

The Dawronoye group use a multitude of names and organizations in different locations. In Europe they use the name European Syriac Union (ESU).

Quelle: AINA


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