Assyrian journalist wins two years in a row

Nuri Kino secures his position as one of Europes most important investigative journalists.

The Swedish Queen and Nuri Kino are two of those chosen as winners of the Blatte De Luxe award. The award is given to individuls who has done something extra ordinary for the rest of society. Kino is the only person to win the prize ”Role model of the year” two years in a row. The swedish people and the jury saw no other journalist worthy of the award. Weiterlesen

Nuri Kino

The plight of the Iraqi Christians

Amidst the war torn Iraq, in a place where it may be easier to die than to live, overshadowed and virtually ignored, the world is witnessing with horror, yet in utter silence, the systematic religious and ethnic persecution and cleansing of the indigenous Christian Assyrian, also called Chaldean, Syriac population. Weiterlesen

The Genocide of 1915

Hypocrisy as a Cornerstone of the Kurdish Narrative

I much appreciated Nuri Kino’s guest editorial appearing in the May 6, 2006 issue of Zinda Magazine, and his perceptive comments about Kurdish selective amnesia. Nuri draws from personal encounters in Sweden (where he currently lives), and other exchanges in the course of his travels to Hasno Kifo (Hasankeyf, in Tur Abdin) the home of his ancestors. Weiterlesen

Eine tolle Nachricht zu den Assyrern im Irak

Präsident Georg W. Bush erkennt die ADM an

9. Dezember 2002:

Heute morgen hat Präsident George W. Bush in einer Mitteilung an den Staatssekretär Colin Powell und den US-Verteidigungsminister Donald Rumsfeld die Assyrische Demokratische Bewegung (ADM) und vier weitere irakische oppositionelle Gruppen zu den „Demokratischen Oppositionsorganisationen“ gemäß dem Befreiungsgesetzes des Iraks von 1998 anernannt. Dieser Präsidentenbeschluss gewährt jeder der fünf Gruppen sowohl finanzielle als auch materiellen Unterstützung von Seiten der US-Regierung. Weiterlesen