Assyrian Groups to Boycott EU Conference on Future of Nineveh Plains

Brussels (AINA) — Three Assyrian political parties and the Chaldean Church in Iraq have announced their boycott of a conference to be held in the EU Parliament in Brussels. The conference, titled A Future for Christians for Iraq and organized by EU parliamentarian Lars Adaktusson from the Swedish Christian Democratic Party, has been touted by Adaktusson as a decisive event for the survival of Assyrians in the war torn country. Weiterlesen

Assyrian Genocide

Assyrian Genocide Monument Erected in Athens

Athens, Greece (AINA) — An Assyrian genocide monument was erected yesterday in Athens, Greece, where 8,000 Assyrians live. The monument is a memorial for the Assyrian victims of the Turkish genocide of Christians in World War One, which claimed 750,000 Assyrians (75%), 1.5 million Armenians and 500,000 Pontic Greeks. Weiterlesen

Syrisch-Orthodoxe Kirche bezieht Stellung zum Seyfo

Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II. Karim möchte an die Opfer des Völkermordes von 1915 erinnern

Die heilige Synode der Syrisch-Orthodoxe Kirche von Antiochien hat am 30. Mai 2014 beschlossen, im kommenden Jahr an den Völkermord von 1915 an den Assyrern, Armenier und Pontos-Griechen zu erinnern. Gemäß dem Artikel der „Assyrian International News Agency“, soll hierzu ein Komitee gebildet werden. Weiterlesen


Syrian Assyrian Refugee in Turkey: ‚I’m Going to Snitch to God‘

By Nuri Kino – Istanbul (AINA) — I have been put in charge of the children so that they won’t hurt themselves with knives. Not being able to keep still, they run around the kitchen, happy to be at a party with children their own age. They live in cramped apartments, paid for by benefactors in Sweden and Turkey. I show them some children’s apps that I have downloaded to my phone, this catches their attention. Weiterlesen


The Assyrian Genocide Monument in Belgium

Bannaux, Belgium (AINA) — On August 4, 2013 hundreds of Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) and their friends from all over Europe gathered at the site of the Bannaux Sanctuary in the municipality of Sprimont/Belgium. At the heart of Europe people came together to unveil a monument commemorating the Assyrian victims of the genocide of 1915 perpetrated by the former Ottoman State (AINA 8-5-2013). Weiterlesen

Denkmal für den Genozid an den Assyrern

Assyrisches Denkmal in Australien nochmals zerstört

Am Donnerstag, dem 5. April 2012, wurde zum zweiten mal das Assyrische Denkmal in Fairfield (Australien) beschmiert. Die Statue wurde zerstört und muss nun nochmals restauriert werden. Das Denkmal wurde errichtet, um an die 750000 ermordete Assyrer während des ersten Weltkrieges im Osmanischen Reich zu gedenken. Weiterlesen

Recognice the Assyrian Genocide

Scholars Call for Israeli Recognition of the Assyrian Genocide

In a significant milestone for efforts towards the worldwide recognition of the Assyrian genocide, nearly thirty internationally renowned holocaust and genocide scholars, and Assyrian and Greek social, cultural and religious groups, have written to the Israeli Knesset calling for the inclusion of Assyrians and Greeks in the Knesset’s forthcoming legislation on remembrance of the Armenian genocide. Weiterlesen

Attack Church

Muslims in Egypt Burn Christian Homes and Shops

A Muslim mob attacked Copts today in the Upper Egyptian village of Rahmaniya-Kebly, Nag Hammadi, Qena province, destroying and torching their homes, straw huts and shops, while chanting Allahu Akbar. No one was reported killed or injured. According to reports, security forces were present but did not intervene and the fire brigade arrived 90 minutes late. Weiterlesen