Neue Verhandlungen am kommenden Dienstag, 10.11.2009 in Ankara

Interview mit Kuryakos Ergün, Stiftungs-Vorsitzender von Mor Gabriel, zu den Dauerprozessen um das syrisch-orthodoxe Kloster

Anlässlich seines Deutschlandbesuches Ende September sprach die Reporterin für Menschenrechte Marianne Brückl in Gütersloh mit dem Vorsitzenden der Klosterstiftung Mor Gabriel Kuryakos Ergün (Foto). Thema waren die andauernden Prozesse um das syrisch-orthodoxe Kloster sowie die Situation der Assyrer/Aramäer im Tur Abdin. Am Dienstag sollen nun in Ankara die Prozesse um Mor Gabriel fortgeführt werden. Weiterlesen

A Taste of Assyria

Assyrische Musik im Britischen Museum

Am 18. Februar 2009 fand unter dem Motto „A Taste of Assyria“ ein Konzert mit dem Mor Afrem Chor (Holland) zusammen mit dem Wilhelmina Orchester aus Rjissen im British Museum statt. Bekannte Sänger wie George Hohme, Nagham Moussa, Josef Cacan und Habib Moussa unterstützen den Chor mit ihrem Gesang. Weiterlesen

Mor Gabriel

The Assyrian Monastery and Its Muslim Neighbors

(AINA) — She opened the door quietly and looked at us. Her eyes caught Linda Asmar, the only woman among the crowd and stepped in the room cautiously. Adult men suddenly began to raise their voices, shouting and interrupting eachother. The girl’s face flushed red for a moment and leaned against the wall. When the men became calmer, she approached Linda and smiled at me. Her almond shaped blue eyes were so sweet. I was about to ask her name when the crowd got mad once again. Weiterlesen

Mor Filoksinos Yuhanon Dolabani

A Man of God & Assyria

Mor Dolabani was ordained bishop for Mardin and the surrounding areas on 4 May 1947 in Homs, Syria. The bishop is seen here upon arriving in Aleppo after his ordination and is received by the people while the Assyrian scouts play in the background. A new book published in Sweden reveals the intense love of this bishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church for his Assyrian nation and people. Weiterlesen

New realese

Assyrian Mor Ephrem Choir CD

Alias Musake was born in 1968 in the city of Hassake. He studied music in the Private Institute of Aleppo and later became a teacher in the Musical Institute of Hassake, where he organised the first choir in the Mor Georges Syriac Orthodox Church in Hassake, ‘The Mor Ephrem Choir’. Weiterlesen