New board members elected

Assyrian Human Rights Network Holds Meeting in Stockholm

(AINA) -- The Assyrian Human Rights Network (AHRN) held its first annual general meeting on Saturday, October 19 in the Assyrian Cultural Centre in Södertälje, near Stockholm.

The meeting was attended by AHRN members and observers from non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The meeting started at 13:30 by electing Samira Gergeo the Chairwoman of the Assyrian Women Union in Sweden as a chairperson of the meeting.

The interim board of the Assyrian Human Rights Network presented its activity report, and replied to questions from both members and observers.

Representatives from Assyrian NGOs, Assyrian political parties, Assyrian activists and journalists participated in the meeting as observers. Representatives came from the Assyrian Democratic Organization, the Assyrian Democratic Movement, the Assyrian Liberation Party, the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Popular Council, Bet Nahrin Democratic Party, the Assyrian Womens Union and the Assyrian Aid Society.

The meeting elected a director and a new board for a two-year term. The new board members are Osama Edward (Director) Ramen Gabriel (assistant Director), and members Linda Baris Elia, Ninib Abdelnour, Nohadra Mousa, Rody Toma and Lina Malki.

Quelle: AINA


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