In tiefer Trauer

Assyrischer Poet und Aktivist Ninos Aho wegen Blutkrebserkrankung verstorben

Mit Bedauern müssen wir euch mitteilen, dass Malfono Ninos Aho heute Morgen im Alter von 68 Jahren an den Folgen einer Blutkrebserkrankung in San Pedro (Kalifornien) von uns gegangen ist. Mit seinem Tod hat das assyrische Volk einen bedeutsamen Poeten und Aktivisten verloren, der sich über 40 Jahre lang für die Herstellung einer neuen assyrischen Identität einsetzte.

Ninos Aho, der im syrischen Dorf Gerkeshamo geboren ist, war Mitglied der Assyrisch Demokratischen Organisation (ADO) und des Seyfo Centers.

Wir bedauern den Verlust des Visionären und wünschen der Familie viel Kraft. In unseren Herzen wird er und seine Texte noch ewig leben.

From the heart of fire
From the depths of eternity
From under the rocks to the peak of the mountain
From the words of the clouds in the heavens
A New Assyrian is born

From the burden of thousands of years
From hunger and thirst and destitution
From the lies of history
From the merchants of goals and nation, today he is free

For the deniers of rights
For the oppressors of nations
His greeting is a bullet and a bomb
And for those who forsake him, he has more

If you ask him where he is from, or to which church he belongs
He will answer you honestly,
“I am not Tyaraya and not Tkhomnaya,
I am not a son of the valleys nor a son of the mountains,
A Jacobite, a Chaldean, a Nestorian and a Presbyterian also I am not”
And with a firm voice he will tell you, “I am an Assyrian”
He does not care how he lives, what he wears, and where he dies
And following in his footsteps, a new armed generation
Will come and speak the truth.
With his heart on his sleeve and his book always with him
He tours, preaching the nature and existence of Assyria
By force and by blood, and in the name of Ashur, he declares,
“Me? I was born before the earth and the sun
I existed before time; there is no death for me, nor end
I am Assyria’s star, shining in the sky between the two rivers
I am the god Ashur, I turn the wheel of time
I was the torch of light guiding the people of the world,
Is it true that today I do not exist and I am slowly vanishing?

No and one thousand no’s!
Assyria endures and time will be silenced
Assyria endures and history will bow
Assyria endures and its tower will rise
Assyria endures and will never fall“ – Ninos Aho (Atouraya Khata / The New Assyrian)


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