Syrian Assyrian Refugee in Turkey: ‚I’m Going to Snitch to God‘

By Nuri Kino – Istanbul (AINA) — I have been put in charge of the children so that they won’t hurt themselves with knives. Not being able to keep still, they run around the kitchen, happy to be at a party with children their own age. They live in cramped apartments, paid for by benefactors in Sweden and Turkey. I show them some children’s apps that I have downloaded to my phone, this catches their attention. Weiterlesen


Assyrian Village in Syria Attacked By Muslims

Hassaka, Syria (AINA) — The Assyrian village of Tel Hormizd was attacked on Saturday, July 27 at about midnight. Fifty Arab Muslims on motorcycles entered the village and began a shooting rampage. According to residents, the Muslims fired indiscriminately, wounding two Assyrians, one of whom is still in hospital. The Assyrians repelled the attack by shooting at the Muslims. It is not known if any of the attackers was injured.


Turkish President

Assyrians Important Part of Turkey

Ankara, Turkey (AINA) — „Assyrians are an important part of Turkey and their roots go back thousands of years on these lands,“ said the Turkish president Abdullah Gül during a meeting with Assyrian organizations on February 18th in the presidential palace in Ankara. Weiterlesen

Assyrer und Armenier wollen engere Zusammenarbeit in den USA

Closer cooperation between Assyrians and Armenians

Seyfo Centre USA hosted a series of educational lectures in Los Angeles, San Diego, Turlock and San Jose on the Assyrian / Armenian Genocide and Seyfo in 1915. The lectures were organized with the help of local Assyrian American organizations, and given by the British-Armenian historian, Ara Sarafian (Gomidas Institute, London). Weiterlesen

New realese

Assyrian Mor Ephrem Choir CD

Alias Musake was born in 1968 in the city of Hassake. He studied music in the Private Institute of Aleppo and later became a teacher in the Musical Institute of Hassake, where he organised the first choir in the Mor Georges Syriac Orthodox Church in Hassake, ‘The Mor Ephrem Choir’. Weiterlesen


Mardin Rendezvous – The second of the ‚inter-religions dialogue‘ meetings

The second of the ‚inter-religions dialogue‘ meetings, after the first one held in Harran, Urfa four years ago, took place in Mardin. The opening of the second meeting, entitled, „Inter-Cultural Dialogue/Mardin Meeting,“ was held in Kasimiyye Madrasah, Mardin and ended with a tour of Mardin city center, Midyat and Nusaybin. The symposium session of the meeting continues today and tomorrow in Istanbul. Weiterlesen