Leaving Home: Muslim Rebels Drive Christians Out of Syria

A couple of days after she fled Syria for Turkey, a colleague sent me a message. „Dear Nuri, this is a court that the extremists established in my city, Lattakia, in the (Syrian) village of Kansabba. This Islamic court issues the law according to the extremists‘ religion. It started today. They are forcing everyone to adopt their fundamentalist Islamic laws. See the picture.“ Weiterlesen


Assyrian American National Coalition Opposes Military Strike Against Syria

(AINA) — The Assyrian American National Coalition (AANC) has launched a petition against an American military strike in Syria. Citing the disastrous consequences for the Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) of Iraq since 2003, who have been subjected to a low-grade genocide and whose population has dropped from 1.4 million to 400,000, AANC calls on the U.S. Government to consider the effects of regime change on Assyrians and other Christians in Syria, given that the rebels are mostly Jihadists and hostile to Christians. Weiterlesen

Erklärung syrischer, chaldäischer und assyrischer Intellektueller

Christen aus dem Mittleren Osten rufen zur Einheit auf

Eine Gruppe Syrischer, Chaldäischer und Assyrischer Intellektueller hat eine Erklärung an die Christen veröffentlicht, sich nach den letzten Entwicklungen in Syrien zu vereinigen. Viele sagen, dass sie sich unbedingt durch eine föderale Struktur schützen müssen. Weiterlesen