Leaving Home: Muslim Rebels Drive Christians Out of Syria

A couple of days after she fled Syria for Turkey, a colleague sent me a message. „Dear Nuri, this is a court that the extremists established in my city, Lattakia, in the (Syrian) village of Kansabba. This Islamic court issues the law according to the extremists‘ religion. It started today. They are forcing everyone to adopt their fundamentalist Islamic laws. See the picture.“ Weiterlesen

Eustathius Matta Roham

Syrian Orthodox Archbishop Speaks on the Situation of Christians in Syria

Munich (AINA) — On Saturday, May 18, Eustatius Matta Roham, the Archbishop of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch for Northern Syria, met activists of the newly formed European Christian Relief Organization (ECRO) in Munich, where he came to visit the White Fathers and other Catholic organizations asking for support for the Syriac (also known as Assyrian and Chaldean) Christian people. Weiterlesen