Republic of Armenia

Armenia Must Recognize the Assyrian Genocide

(AINA) — On March, 19 2012, the Armenian Parliament rejected a proposal tabled by Armenia’s Heritage Party to consider a bill recognizing the Assyrian and Greek genocides. The proposal was also supported by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun Party) but opposed by the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA). Weiterlesen

Prof. Altuğ Taner Akçam

Young Assyrians the future of Assyrian genocide scholarship

Altuğ Taner Akçam is one of the first Turkish scholars to openly acknowledge and discuss the reality of the Armenian Genocide. Professor Akçam’s initial research topic was the history of political violence and torture in late Ottoman and early Republican Turkey. Since 1990, however, he has focused his attention on Turkish nationalism and the Armenian Genocide, with eleven books and numerous articles to his credit. Weiterlesen